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WORLD LION DAY Celebrates Africa’s iconic big catsThe Tuli Game Reserve in Eastern Botswana is a rugged place; an enclave deep within a remote frontier. The pulse of Africa beats loudly here. The lions of central Tuli have a special presence; they are wilder than most, shadowy, somehow commanding more respect if that’s at all possible. They are seasoned pros at eland stalking, using deep sided riverbeds to ambush wildebeest and zebra, or drifting silently past when least expected.And when a young nomadic pride passes through, determined to compete for hunting grounds with nemesis hyena clans, it is a time to marvel at their resilience and resolve … the very spirit that defines all of Africa’s wildlife. It is this spirit that we are determined to protect above all else.The photos of the pride were recorded on a research camera trap at Koro River Camp.

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